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Hi Tech Instrument Oil
Hi Tech Instrument Oil

Hi Tech Instrument Oil

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eks® Hi Tech Oil is a medical product according to the Directive 93/42/EEC and corresponds to the requirements of DAB and LFBG as well as USAD and FDA (H1).

eks® Hi Tech Oil
has been developed for lubrication of re-usable, stainless steel surgical instruments prior to sterilization.

eks® Hi Tech Oil is:
• heat resistant up to 260°C (500°F).
• transparent, free of silicone.
• physiologically harmless, odourless, vapor permeable.
• an excellent corrosion and oxidation protection and
• leaves no encrustations/residues on the surfaces

Maintenance and care means targeted application of the lubricant oil to the joints, hinges, locks, threads or friction surfaces of instruments such as clamps, scissors, needle holders, speculums and punches.

Purpose of application
eks® Hi Tech Oil prevents metal-on-metal friction and thus constitutes a preventive measure against friction corrosion. The instruments are kept functional and hinge action maintained.

Instruction of application
Only cleaned and dry instruments to be lubricated. eks® Hi Tech Oi must be applied manually and accurately to joints, threads and friction surfaces. This applies in particular to hinged instruments. The lubrication oil must be distributed (dropwise) by operating the joints and slide surfaces.

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